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Mis Planchitas

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Mis Planchitas

Younger and fabulous without filters

Smoothes wrinkles and lines of expression.


Each of "Mis Planchitas" should be used only once and discarded after use them. If the skin becomes sensitive in the area where you placed "Mis Planchitas", you should wait a few days before using them again. If sensitivity continues, discontinue use of the product and consult your physician or healthcare professional.


  • 180 planchitas (90 uses)
  • 3 liguitas sets

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Karina G. on  Feb 21, 2023

Lo maximo

No pensé que funcionaria muy bien excelente no irrita la piel y te deja el efecto super natural.

Felipé G. on  Feb 21, 2023

Las arenas del tiempo se han detenido

Voy a cumplir 60 años pronto y este producto es increíble. Mis arrugas desaparecieron por completo y siento que las arenas del tiempo se han detenido y que tengo la mitad de mi edad nunca me sentí más seguro y joven

  • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.
Felipé G. on  Feb 21, 2023

Las manos del tiempo se han detenido

Voy a cumplir 60 años pronto y este producto es increíble. Mis arrugas desaparecieron por completo y siento que las arenas del tiempo se han detenido y que tengo la mitad de mi edad nunca me sentí más seguro y joven

Isaac R. on  Feb 20, 2023

Buena alternativa para una ocacion especial

La primera opción para escoger, que te salva la en el momento.

Lijing. on  Feb 15, 2023

Son muy efectivas

las probé con mUchas dudas al principio, pero desde el primer día quedé enamorada de las planchitas. Me estiran la piel y me veo joven y fresca. El piropo más bonito que me han dicho es que parezco hermana de mi hija.

Susan A. on  Feb 15, 2023

Muy bueno

Increible!!! planchitas son superrrr!!!

Sara. on  Feb 15, 2023

Las Planchitas

Increible las planchitas mas jovenes en cuestion de segundos waooo super

Lucy M. on  Feb 13, 2023

Las Planchitas son un éxito!

¡Estas Planchitas son un éxito! Tengo 67 años y me siento de 45. Gracias María Marín.

Laura Z. on  Feb 13, 2023

¡Sin arrugas en tan solo segundos!

Me encantaron Mis Planchitas. Honestamente no creía en ellas pero cuando me las puse y vi lo natural que se ve mi rostro, me encantaron.

  • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

What is included in the Mis Planchitas package?

Silk bag

A silk bag for you to keep "Mis Planchitas" and take them with you always

Mis planchitas

60 planchitas that are equivalent to 30 uses, since you use 2 planchitas on each occasion.


3 sizes of garters and a garter with earrings that you will use according to the size of your neck.


Welcome card and scannable QR code to see the video tutorial on how to put on "Mis Planchitas".

Look 10 years younger in 3 steps!

No surgery, no pain and instantly!

Look 10 years younger without plastic surgery or spending thousands of dollars.

You will look fabulous in photos, without the need to use filters.

Placing them is quick and easy.

Smoothes expression lines on the face.

They are discreet and nobody can notice that you are wearing them.

Happy customer testimonial

I was left as a filter, I can't believe it! I feel incredible. I am young but sometimes a little help is good. I carry "Mis Planchitas" everywhere tucked in my bag.
35 years old
You rejuvenate between 10 and 15 years in a moment! You look great and super natural. I am delighted with “Mis Planchitas”. I recommend it to all my friends.
77 years old
“Mis Planchitas” have given me a second chance. I had too marked expression lines around my mouth and with "Mis Planchitas" I can enjoy having a better makeup. Thank you Maria Martin!
62 years old
"Mis Planchitas" lift your spirits, they raise your ego. You feel amazing! It really is 1, 2, 3 wow! When I put them on, they lifted my cheeks and concealed the expression lines around the mouth. I'm happy!
52 years old


It is a product that instantly rejuvenates the face by stretching the skin through the use of a small elastic band and some adhesive tapes that have the shape of an iron.

Watch this video, where I explain step by step how to place "Mis Planchitas" on your face. You will see that it is a simple, easy and fast procedure. Click on this link to watch the video tutorial.

You should put them on before makeup, in order to camouflage them with the tone of your foundation or powder. And it is very important that before placing "Mis Planchitas", you clean well the small area of skin where you will stick them, thus eliminating any trace of grease and moisturizing creams to ensure that they stick correctly and remain on all day and night. if you wanted so.

Many of your friends or family will notice that you look younger, but it will be difficult to realize that you are wearing them because "Mis Planchitas" are transparent and when covered with foundation or powder they become invisible to the view of others. The elastic that connects the two planchitas will not be noticed either. Because it's hidden behind your head.

By placing it at the back of the head (where the hairline begins) you will automatically cover the elastic with your hair. Only in cases, where the hair is extremely short, the elastic could be noticed.

Once they come off your face, the planchitas should be thrown away, as they only stick to the skin once. Each order comes with 60 plates, so you will have "Mis Planchitas" for 30 occasions. (A planchitas is used on each side of the face).

Mis Planchitas can last on the face for several hours. Ideally, remove them as soon as you return home after that outing, meeting or special event. You should remove them before going to sleep.

👉 We recommend using Mis Planchitas for 2-3 hours maximum the first time you use them and then increase the number of hours of use the next time, and so on as your skin type allows.

All skin types are suitable for adhering "Mis Planchitas", but if you have sensitive skin, be sure to remove them very slowly, so as not to mistreat the skin. Similarly, all consumers should remove them carefully, in the same way that a Band-Aid is removed from any part of the body. If the skin becomes sensitive or irritated after removal, allow a few days before continuing to use. If sensitivity persists, discontinue use.

From the moment you begin to notice changes in your face because the skin is looser and new wrinkles appear and you feel that you don't look as young as before.

"Mis Planchitas" are transparent, therefore, when they adhere to the skin, they combine perfectly with any skin tone. And to make them invisible, you just have to pass your makeup base or powder over them.

You can do it being careful not to wet the area where "Mis Planchitas" are placed because contact with water can cause them to come unstuck.

You can use them to go to those places, as long as you don't submerge your head in the water. If you are exposed to the sun and you start to sweat excessively, they can peel off.

The best thing to do is to always carry an extra pair of "Mis Planchitas" in your bag, in case any of them come unstuck and thus, you can solve it.

If you go to the gym or do any activity that causes you to sweat excessively, "Mis Planchitasy" could come unstuck.

At any time of the day or night that you want to have a smoother face and look younger.  It can be to go to a party, a family or friends gathering, for a photo session, a love date or even use them every day to go to work.

They do not have an expiration date.

It is rare for “Mis Planchitas” to irritate the skin. In case the skin becomes sensitive after many hours of wearing them, discontinue use until the skin fully recovers.


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