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Happy Body Serum, contains a blend of nutrients that may help support healthy, normal inflammatory response and cellular aging.

I created Happy Body™ to aid the daily physical pain and mental performance and focus for children and adults. Happy Body may help reduce the body’s aches and pains, but it can also help improve attention span and mental calmness.

Happy Body™ can be used by children and adults with ADD, ADHD or in the autism spectrum. Happy Body works very well taken with Happy Tummy™, which can aid the health and function of the intestinal microbiome.


Lipofullerene is a carbon nanostructure with 60 carbon atoms that can bond with six electrons. Due to its unique structure, it is a powerful free radical scavenger that can reset itself repeatedly. There are several hundred times more antioxidant activity in lipofullerenes than in conventional antioxidants. In addition to helping increase the efficiency of cells in producing energy, it may also provide cellular protection against toxic elements.

In the presence of free radicals, the body cannot counter or detoxify their effects, causing oxidative stress. The effects of free radicals, or oxidants, can negatively affect a human's physical and physiological health. It is believed that oxidative stress results in ongoing damage which is the cause of aging.

Serratiopeptidase is an enzyme produced by silkworms' digestive system. It is the enzyme responsible for dissolving a silkworm’s cocoon. Anti-inflammatory properties have traditionally made it popular. In recent years, it has become a common drug, both on its own and as part of compound medications. Many migraine and tension headache medications contain it, as well as medications for fibromyalgia, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and osteoporosis. All of these conditions are accompanied by pain, swelling, and inflammation. The drug is also used to treat breast enlargement, chronic sinusitis, and swelling after surgery.

Olive Oil

Inflammatory reducing: Chronic diseases are caused by inflammation in the body. A number of antioxidants found in olive oil are similar to the anti-inflammatory properties of drugs such as ibuprofen. In addition, olive oil contains oleic acid, an anti-inflammatory.

Promotes heart health: In large studies, extra virgin olive oil has been shown to lower heart disease risk. It contains active compounds that can help regulate blood pressure and conditions caused by the hardening of the arteries.

Antioxidant-rich: Your body produces unstable atoms called free radicals that can damage your cells. In order to prevent or slow down the damage, antioxidants are compounds that can protect the body. Antioxidants in olive oil can reduce your disease risk.

Anti-bacterial Properties: Olive oil contains nutrients that can fight harmful bacteria.

Hyaluronic Acid: The body naturally contains hyaluronic acid or HA, which is found in the eyes, skin, and joints. This substance retains moisture and keeps joints and tissues lubricated. Scientists can also make it in a lab and this lab-made formula can benefit a variety of body functions. In addition to making your Hair, Skin and Nails look and feel great, it helps replenish diminishing levels of essential proteins, vitamins, and polysaccharides your body needs to function properly.

Known as a moisture magnet, this ingredient controls water within the skin's surface. In fact, hyaluronic acid binds water to skin cells, ensuring that every layer of your skin is replenished with moisture. It absorbs water like a sponge and .is able to hold 1,000 times its weight in water, providing superior skin hydration that lasts for hours.

The role of hyaluronic acid in skin hydration cannot be overstated. As we age, our skin loses moisture. Having enough hyaluronic acid in your system during this aging process is crucial for skin hydration. Proper hydration results in smooth, radiant skin that is more youthful looking.

CoQ10 has significant implications for your health at the cellular level. Your heart, brain, muscles, and physical appearance are all affected by this. It has also been suggested that coenzyme Q10 may be beneficial for certain health concerns, including high blood pressure, migraines and diabetes. Supplementing with CoQ10 can be compared to supplying our body with high quality fuel to enhance natural energy production and free radical neutralization.

There has been research conducted on the use of CoQ10 for specific conditions:

Heart conditions: There is evidence to suggest that CoQ10 may relieve heart related symptoms. Some research suggests it could help lower blood pressure. In addition, taking CoQ10 with other nutrients could help the body recover after certain heart surgeries.

Migraines: A migraine headache is a type of headache that occurs repeatedly and is characterized by throbbing pain, pulsing sensations, or both. CoQ10 levels have been reported to be low in migraine sufferers. Some research indicates that CoQ10 might reduce migraine frequency.

Physical performance: This supplement may enhance your performance as CoQ10 plays a significant role in energy production.

Statin-induced damage: A statin is a drug that lowers cholesterol. As a side effect, they can cause muscle pain and weakness. The research suggests that CoQ10 could play a role in minimizing these side effects. CoQ10 might be useful in reducing muscular weakness and discomfort that sometimes accompany statin use.

Diabetes: There is some research that suggests CoQ10 may help balance cholesterol levels in diabetic patients.

L-Carnosine is made from two amino acids - alanine and histidine. Proteins in your body are protected by this amino acid compound in a number of ways.

The antioxidant properties of carnosine help protect your body. Its antioxidant properties prevent free radicals from harming your cells and tissues.

There are several other ways carnosine contributes to your well-being, your youthful appearance, and the ease of your movement:

Glycation: Carnosine helps prevent protein damage by binding with excess glucose and other sugars, which occurs during cross-linking and glycation.

Formation of AGE and cross-linking: Carnosine prevents protein cross-linking and AGE formation through its binding action.

Mitochondrial failure: Damage caused by oxidation, copper, iron, or zinc or inadequate energy causes cells to die. As a free radical scavenger and chelator, carnosine promotes healthy, functioning mitochondria.

Cellular aging: Your chromosomes and the genetic material in your cells are protected by telomeres. Telomeres shorten as DNA replicates. Whenever they are too short, cells die. Research shows that carnosine can slow telomere shortening and reduce damage to them.

Fibroblast rejuvenation: Carnosine actually promotes fibroblast health and rejuvenation, as well as their longevity.

Defends muscle cells by buffering pH: The accumulation of acids in muscles can cause fatigue and pain after high-intensity exercise. During exercise, carnosine buffers acid in muscles, thereby enhancing performance.

Scientists have long been intrigued by the process of cellular aging. It's been discovered that natural processes in the body can speed up normal cellular aging and cause tissues and cells to age more rapidly than they should.

Several of these processes are beyond your control, such as your body's cellular energy production, but others, such as diet and stress, are under your control.

Your body's proteins are one of the main targets of these aging processes. Almost all functions of your cells and tissues depend on the survival and well-being of these large, complex molecules - such as:

  • Muscle tone
  • Skin firmness
  • Brain and Vision Health
  • Antibody production
  • Enzyme capability
  • Cellular and organ transport of nutrients

The body is always prone to protein breakdown, and as we age, this risk increases. Despite all this, there are specific compounds that can protect your body from age-related protein degradation. Happy Body Serum, contains a blend of nutrients that may help support healthy, normal inflammatory response and cellular aging.

Directions: Empty 2 droppers into mouth, hold 15 to 30 seconds and swallow. For best results repeat morning and night.

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Noemi R. on  Feb 21, 2023


Me ha ayudado mucho con mis dolores en articulaciones.

Erick S. on  Feb 14, 2023


He obtenido grandes mejorías

Ada S. on  Feb 14, 2023


Desde que tomo Happy Body mis dolores musculares han disminuido al punto de olvidor que estuvieron ahí antes. ¡Me encanta!