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Instructions: Mix one scoop in 2oz. of water stir briskly with a fork until it becomes a smooth paste free of lumps, fill the rest of the glass with water, vegetable milk or juice. For extra nutrition, you can add VitaVerde™ to protein shakes made using the VitaProtein™.

Are you getting enough fruits and vegetables?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s most recent statistics show that only one out of ten adults consume the daily serving recommendations of vegetables. In addition, only 12% meet the recommendations for fruit.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are essential for maintaining good health, but if you don't consume enough, you may miss out on important vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

In addition to being linked to weight problems, low vegetable and fruit consumption has also been linked to other health problems.

Common reasons why many do not get enough fresh fruits and vegetables:

Preparation often viewed as work

When people come home from work, they feel overwhelmed and tired and would much prefer to relax instead of working in the kitchen. Fresh produce is typically viewed as a chore due to the washing, peeling, cutting, and cooking involved.

When dining out, there are limited options

Fresh fruit and vegetables are rare on many menus of fast food restaurants and junk-food  establishments, which is contributing to the decline of healthy food consumption.

Health and nutrition education gaps

A study has found that people with higher levels of education and more knowledge of health and nutrition tend to choose healthier foods, such as more fruits and vegetables.

Junk food can be hard to resist

The convenience and the taste of these sugary products can be difficult to reject. No one can deny how addictive these substances can be. Not to mention, junk foods are among the top marketed products endorsed by celebrities, making the appeal that much more challenging to ignore.


Produce prices may influence a person's decision to buy non-organic rather than organic produce. 

Why do we need fruits and vegetables daily?

You need to consume enough fresh produce, especially vegetables, every day if you want to maintain high levels of health. 

The following are some of the possible benefits of eating vegetables and fruits in the recommended amounts every day:

Healthy heart, eyes, cells, bones and brains

There is a remarkable collection of antioxidants in vegetables and fruits that are nearly impossible to find in other foods. In addition to supporting healthy cells, bones, eyes, hearts, and brains, phytochemicals found in plants also play an imperative role in maintaining healthy cells and bones.

Healthy immune system

Leafy green vegetables activate a gene in your gut that produces natural lymphoid cells, which are crucial to your immune system.

Keeping your digestive system and gut healthy

Fiber in vegetables and fruits is broken down by gut bacteria into short chain fatty acids, which support your gut and beneficial bacteria. Constipation can also be prevented with fiber by maintaining regularity.

Maintaining a healthy weight and blood sugar level

The majority of vegetables have low net carbohydrate and calorie contents. Fresh vegetables and certain fruits contain fiber that helps you feel full and suppresses your appetite, making it useful for weight management. Blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure are also supported by fiber.

Supporting healthy energy levels, moods, and mental state

It has been found that a higher vegetable intake may help you feel calmer and improve your mental health. In addition to eating a healthy diet, vegetables and fruits can boost energy levels.

Healthy and enhances skin complexion

Red- and orange-colored vegetables are rich in carotenoid pigments that help boost your complexion giving it a more clear and radiant appearance.

Why choose VitaVerde Greens?

Quality through research. That's my promise to you. I have spent the last two decades helping thousands of people lead healthier lives by teaching the importance of a diet rich in raw foods. I often encourage juicing, but when life gets busy and juicing gets difficult, VitaVerde™ gives you the nutrition of fresh juice without the mess.

• Raw

• No added sugar

• Lactose free

• GMO free

• Vegan

• 50 superfoods & organic plants

• Amazing taste 

• Mixes easliy in water

• Antioxidant rich 

• No added fillers or synthetic ingredients 

• No pills or capsules to swallow

• Includes premium and uniquely fermented ingredients

• 20 servings of veggies rich in digestive probiotics & enzymes

Does it matter how I get my daily recommended amount?

Many people today have a fascination with fruit juices. It's estimated that 90% of U.S. infants drink fruit juice by the age of one. Those of you who drink fruit juice to meet your daily fruit requirement may want to consider the following:

Even if there is no added sugar on the label, fruit juice is not the same as fresh whole fruit.

The consumption of fruit juice can not only be detrimental to your dental health, but it can also result in insulin resistance, which has been found to be connected to weight gain, metabolic issues, and blood sugar issues.

As opposed to whole fresh fruit, commercial juices contain little pulp or fiber to moderate insulin release by slowing the release of fructose into your system.

Additionally, many commercial fruit juices and drinks are sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup, contain food dyes, and contain artificial flavors. You're not drinking pure fruit juice unless the label says 100%.

How significant is the fermentation process?

Since ancient times, humans have fermented foods to preserve them, improve their ability to digest, nutritional value, and taste. There is even scientific evidence that fermented foods provide numerous nutritional and health benefits.

Fruits and vegetables high in carbohydrates, like beets, are predigested by fermentation, which efficiently reduces their simple carbohydrates. In this process, foods' glucose or sugar content is converted to alcohol, which is then rapidly evaporated. It really is an excellent way to enhance fruits and vegetables' health benefits.

As well as getting rid of unwanted sugar, fermentation can also:

Remove harmful anti-nutrients.

Develop distinctive, beneficial metabolites.

Maintain an alkaline pH in your body.

Enhance pre-digestibility.

Boost the levels of particular nutrients.

Enhance mineral and antioxidant bioavailability.

A highly regulated technique interrupts fermentation at the right time and point in our fermentation process, resulting in a more controlled and consistent fermentation process.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ruth. on  Feb 22, 2023


Los sabores son muy ricos. A veces se me hace difícil comer muchos vegetales y frutas por eso me gusta mucho este producto.

Noemi R. on  Feb 21, 2023


Es muy práctico y muy rico.

Janai V. on  Feb 15, 2023


Su sabor es muy rico

Noemi R. on  Feb 15, 2023

Muy rico!!

Suelo tomar un batido de Vitaverde con plátano y aceite de coco, tiene un sabor muy rico y me ayuda mucho con mi digestión. Además de que es una opción rápida para quienes no podemos todos los días prepararnos un jugo verde natural.

Susan A. on  Feb 15, 2023

Me encanta

Un excelente producto y delicioso, a mi hija le encanta, le doy con sus jugos y esta encantada

Fernando M. on  Feb 14, 2023

Excelente producto

sin duda es un producto que me ha caído muy bien y el sabor personalmente me ha agradado bastante, muy recomendable!!

Gerardo R. on  Feb 7, 2023

Me encanta!!

Además de contener muy buenos nutrientes, me gusta el sabor y aún más si lo mezclas con frutas. Eso si, no le eches menos de la cantidad de agua sugerida porque si no es muy concentrado el sabor. También lo mezclé en una con helado de vainilla y queda muy rico!

  • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

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